• Stretch & Unwind (45 min) – with Mikaela Millington

    Breathe into this slow 45-minute sequence to help you ground and release.

    This slower class is filled with fluid movements that will allow your entire body and nervous system to relax. Enjoy an inspired mix of Hatha and Yin Yoga as you move through several postures, and land in poses that invite...

  • Power with Cardio (40 min) — with Mikaela Millington

    Elevate your heart rate in this 40 minute Power class with Mikaela. Build strength and endurance through a dynamic and challenging sequence of postures.

    Mikaela leads you through a challenging, full-body power sequence inviting you to push yourself with some of her dynamic moves. This class fol...

  • Morning Flow (40 min) — with Regina Zhen

    This morning flow will slowly ease you into your day and into your practice. Move through this gentle flow with and awaken to your breath as you invigorate the body & mind.

    Regina's sweet and gentle teaching style is the best introduction to your day. Starting in a standing mountain pose you'll...

  • Evening Soothing Flow (40 min) — with Regina Zhen

    After a long day, it's nice to unwind with a soothing evening practice. Regina's class will help you to release your day and prepare for a restful night's sleep.

    Regina uses the elements of Earth and Water to inspire your movements in this class. Grounding and fluid you'll flow through a series ...

  • Mid-Day Fiery Flow (40 min) — with Regina Zhen

    Build a little heat in the middle of your day with Regina. This class is inspired by the element of fire and will help you cleanse and reset for the rest of your day.

    Regina starts this class with a gentle warm-up but then it's right into the work as you build that inner fire. This class offers ...

  • Tutorial: Goddess Pose (5 min) – with Rachel Scott

    Goddess pose gives you both a great stretch and engagement through your legs. Rachel takes you through the pose piece by piece so that you can properly align your legs and knees to get the most out of it.

  • Tutorial: How to Stretch & Strengthen Your IT Band (15 min) – with Rachel Scott

    Whether you're a runner, a cyclist, or just haven't ever given your IT band some love in a while, this is a great tutorial. Rachel takes you through a great, quick stretch while also teaching you about the body!

    You'll need a yoga strap and two blocks for this class. If you don't have yoga block...

  • Tutorial: How to do Side Crow Pose (10 min) – with Rachel Scott

    Rachel breaks down this strengthening pose so that you can try it out and add it to your practice. Side Crow uses your obliques, your arms, and your shoulders, so you'll feel full upper body engagement.

  • Tutorial: How to do Child's Pose Properly (5 min) – with Rachel Scott

    Rachel's quick tutorial shows you how to do this simple and restful pose so that it fits your body! To see what works for you make sure you have a few props handy, including a blanket, a rolled-up towel, and two yoga blocks.
    If you don't have yoga blocks you can use two thicker books instead.

  • Tutorial: Is Yoga a Religion (5 min) – with Rachel Scott

    Understanding where yoga comes from and why we practice it is beneficial to anyone's practice. Have a listen to this quick explanation by Rachel to better understand this ancient practice.

  • Tutorial: What is the Best Style of Yoga for Beginners (5 min) – with Rachel

    Listen as Rachel briefly describes how to pick the right type of yoga for your experience and goals. Have a quick listen before picking your first class!

  • Tips for an at Home Practice

    Rachel's quick tips to set your at home practice up for success.

  • Yoga Foundations (25 min) – with Rachel Scott

    Being new to yoga can feel intimidating, we totally get it, but with this foundations class, you can gain some confidence on the mat. Rachel gives you tips, guidelines, and recommendations on how to build a successful practice.

    All you need for this class is your mat and a yoga block. You can u...

  • Restorative Yoga for Anxiety (40 min) – with Annabel Kershaw

    Restorative yoga can help reduce your heart rate, lower your cortisol levels, and bring you into a state of calm. Using breath and gentle movement, find some inner peace in this class.

    Starting in a prone Savasana you'll move through several gentle poses that you'll hold for a period of time. Th...

  • Restorative Yoga for Emotional Distress (50 min) – with Annabel Kershaw

    Research shows that self-care practices like this one can help to soothe us. They lower cortisol and support mood regulation. Step into a space of nurturing, with Annabel to help invite calm.

    Annabel asks you to set up your space like a supportive nest with all your props surrounding you. Put o...

  • Restorative Yoga for Sleep (45 min) – with Annabel Kershaw

    Restorative yoga helps to relieve tension and stress at the end of the day. The more that you practice these poses regularly, the more likely you can get a good night’s rest.

    In all of Annabel's classes, you can expect storytelling, joy, and humour along with some unique approaches. Annabel star...

  • YRide (45 min) – with Hana Weinwurm

    Tune in and ride to Hana's playlist:

    This indoor cycling class will make you sweat! Hana is an amazing instructor who always teaches a well-rounded class. She includes several drills that will have you working on different aspects of your cardiovascular fitness - str...

  • YRide (20 min) – with Hana Weinwurm

    Tune in and ride to Hana's playlist:

    This quick express class will make you sweat! Feel free to combine this with another short class or do it on it's own.

    Hana's ride always simulates a real ride outside. She includes several drills that will have you working on dif...

  • Upcoming Streams

    14 videos

    Daily live classes with your favourite teachers, archived for replay whenever you want.

  • Gentle Womb Yoga for Optimal Menstrual Cycle Support (45 min) – with Joss Frank

    How do we invite a healthy menstrual cycle into our lives? We listen and honour our bodies! Joss encourages meditation, expressive movement, breathwork, rest and journaling. All of these elements are covered in this 45 minute gentle class.

    Joss starts the class off with some thought-provoking jo...

  • Expressive Flow for BIPOC Wellness (50 min) – with Joss Frank

    Joss is a dedicated yogini whose heritage is Metis (Cree and Iroquois), Black, and German. This flow is near & dear to her heart and we're proud to offer it to you.

    Starting laying down Joss leads you into an expressive flow right away that allows you to flow from one movement to the next. With...

  • Self Love Gentle Hatha (45 min) – with Joss Frank

    This practice asks you to tune in, trust your abilities, and, most importantly, to listen to your body. A Self Love Hatha class is meant to be gentle, you can just allow your body to be at the level it is and avoid pushing into any discomfort.

    Joss starts her class with a beautiful meditation th...