NEW | This Week

NEW | This Week

Find this week's Fresh Release Schedule here! Each class is set to release at a specific day/time, so you won't be able to see it show up until 30 minutes before its release time.
This week's schedule:
8am: Totak Body Express Workout (30 mins) – with Hana Weinwurm
5pm: Full Body Power Yoga (45 mins) – with Jayme Burke
8am: Peaceful Yin & Meditation (30 mins) – with Lisa Sanson
5pm: Nourishing Flow (45 mins) – with Cathy High
8am: Pilates for Beginners I: The Pelvis (30 mins) – with Alison Lloyd-Nijjar
5pm: Fiery Flow for Balance (45 mins) – with Mikaela Millington
8am: Slow Burn Hatha (45 mins) – with Miguel Lopez De Lara
5pm: Playful Power (45 mins) – with Deb Purcell
10am: Side Body Flow + Tutorial (45 mins) – with Jayme Burke
12pm: Nourishing YHot Sequence (60 mins) - with Hillary Keegan
8am: Resistance Band Burn (30 mins)– with Hana Weinwurm
10am: Mellow Flow (40 mins) – with Aili Storen
8am: Wind Down Deep Stretch (45 mins) – with Mikaela Millington
10am: Energizing Flow (75 mins) – with Katrina Chan

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NEW | This Week
  • Total Body Express Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a 30 minute Total Body Workout! You can choose to use either your body weight or add in light-medium weights for this class. This quick, full-body workout is perfect when you're travelling, if you want a condensed yet effective workout, or if you want to pair this class with another...

  • Full Body Power (50 min) - with Jayme Burke

    Join Jayme for a 50 minute Full Body Power class! This class will challenge your whole body as we move through dynamic postures in sequence with our breath. Prepare to sweat and enjoy the movement!

    No props required, but please have a set of blocks nearby if you need some help opening up into c...

  • Peaceful Yin and Meditation (30 min) - with Lisa Sanson

    Join Lisa for a peaceful moment in your day with Yin & Meditation. This class is perfect for the morning as you are trying to centre yourself and find peace before you start your day, or at the end of the day to wind down. Coming in at just over 30 minutes, it's perfect for folks wanting to have ...

  • Nourishing Flow (50 min) - with Cathy High

    Join Cathy and her student, Mark, for a 50-minute nourishing and rejuvenating Flow practice! This will be a beautiful Flow class all about meeting your breath and synchronizing dynamic movement to the breath. This class will also focus on twisting and opening up the side-body.

    Props: (Optional) ...

  • Pilates for Beginners: the Pelvis (30 min) - with Alison Lloyd-Nijjar

    Join Alison for a 30 minute Pilates for Beginners class. This class will focus on pelvic alignment.
    This class compliments Alison's other Pilates for Beginners class focusing on the spine. If you are new to Pilates, check out that class as well in Alison's collection on YYOGA at Home! Her second...

  • Fiery Flow for Balance (45 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    Join Mikaela for a 45 minute Fiery Flow practice! This is a very spicey class that finds strength through balance in the standing series. We will move slowly through transitions with total control - drawing on our strength for stability.


  • Slow Burn (45 min) - with Miguel Lopez De Lara

    Join Miguel for a 45 minute Slow Burn practice. Today's practice will be all about bringing yourself into a state of vitality and ease. We will build strength, balance and flexibility through a creative sequence of Hatha Yoga postures to challenge both the body and the mind.
    Let's find joy togeth...

  • Playful Power (45 min) - with Deb Purcell

    Join Deb for a fun and playful Power practice! Power yoga is a dynamic sequence of poses in coordination with the breath. In this class, we won't build to a peak pose but will enjoy the movement all along the way. Let's play!

  • Side Body Flow Yoga (45 min) — with Jayme Burke

    This side body flow will help you build strength and lengthen through the nooks and crannies that can sometimes get overlooked in your every day movements.

    You'll work through a standing series, that will open up your shoulders, make space in your chest, and get your blood flowing. Jayme will g...

  • Nourishing YHot Sequence (60 min) - with Hillary Keegan

    Join Hillary for a 60-minute class moving through YHot postures! Even if you aren't practicing in a hot room, Hillary mentions that there is so much intelligence behind the sequencing of these postures. This nourishing practice incorporates a balance of active Hatha Yoga postures to warm the body...

  • Total Body Mini Band Workout (30 min) - with Hana Weinwurm

    Join Hana for a Mini-Band Burn! We will use this band for both our upper and lower bodies. This will be a quick and effective full body, toning workout.


  • Mellow Flow (40 min) - with Aili Storen

    Join Aili for a slow, mellow flow practice. This practice is the perfect practice for the morning to open up the body or when you're settling down in the evening. This is a fluid flow style class anchoring into the fluidity of different spinal movements. We will also stretch our hips and strength...

  • Wind Down Deep Stretch (45 min) - with Mikaela Millington

    Join Mikaela for a very relaxing 45 minutes of meditation and stretch. This class is going to feel so calming and really open up the body in a passive way.
    Props: Yoga Strap (or robe tie), Bolster (or pillows/rolled up blanket), foam blocks (or books), and a blanket (for coziness!).

    Playlist: ht...

  • Energizing Flow (75 min) - with Katrina Chan

    Join Kat for a 75 minute Energizing Flow practice! In this 75 minute class, we will open up our breath, connect with our body, and build strength & flexibility. This is a longer practice, so set yourself up in a space of zen so you can commit to your mat for the next hour and 15 minutes.